Top Paris attractions for kids

Since we have an incredible luxury of living in Paris for six weeks, we got to explore every imaginable attraction accessible to us and our kids.  Our favorites so far:

1.  Musee D’Orsay.  By far, the friendliest Paris museum for kids.  Incredibly beautiful art, gorgeous building.  The infamous clock on the top floor.  There was enough to fascinate our 13-year old and occupy our two year old.

2.  Luxembourg Gardens.  It’s called the most beautiful park in the world.  And it truly is.  Huge and spectacularly beautiful with sculptures, flowers, fountain, chess and tennis areas, and awesome playground.  Kids had a great time pushing toy sailboats in the fountain.  Adults had a great time relaxing in comfortable and plentiful green chairs.

3.  Seine river banks.  We love Paris Plages event where the banks are covered in sand, creating playgrounds for kids.  We loved it so much, we went multiple times.  Last weekend we also tried Louvre-sponsored art activities.  Our oldest son discovered his love (and talent) for art under the guidance of one of the organizers.  We also enjoyed just picnicking and relaxing in the stylish white and blue chairs.  Everyone around seemed happy and content, too.

The other places we tried and enjoyed to some extent are Louvre, Eiffel tower, Carnavalet museum, other multiple parks and gardens.  They were also fun but had the drawbacks, like crowds and lack of air-conditioning in Louvre, for example.  Still, we are enjoying every moment in Paris.  And so do the boys.