Top five regrets of dying people, 2

The most popular post on this blog is “Top 5 regrets of dying people.”  I didn’t fully realize it at the time, but living your life now rather than delaying it is so true.   Here in Vegas, we became friends with our neighbors.  They are amazing, lovely people.  Unfortunately, the husband neighbor was just diagnosed with advanced cancer and is in the midst of the chemotherapy.  They had to cancel their long awaited trip to Mediterranean.  You just never know what happens next.  The world is going crazy: ISIS, ebola, strikes, missing airplanes.  Somehow we have to try to squirrel away our own little lives and live out our dreams.

It’s an equivalent of a financial premise: Pay yourself first.  So, live out your dreams first.  Stuff that happens later, will happen.  The health will slip away.  The kids will grow up.  The world will be even crazier.   There is no good time to just go for it.  It’s always inconvenient, disruptive, uncomfortable.  But so worth it.