Musee D’Orsay with kids

We were able to go to Musee D’Orsay with our kids yesterday.  It was a first Sunday of the month, so the entrance was free.  After reading up online, we were able to get the most of the visit and make it painless.

First, D’Orsay is very well designed for strollers – there are elevators and ramps everywhere, which is not common for a Parisian museum.   It is housed in a gorgeous building which used to be an abandoned railroad station.   There is a famous clock and the soaring ceilings.  The best part – people with strollers (or wheelchairs) can avoid the long lines and instead enter through the special door on the side of the building.  We were so happy about this.

Second, the art itself is spectacular.  Our favorite pieces of Manet in all their glory, including Olympia, and Breakfast on the Grass.  Many sculptures, which tend to peak our toddler’s interest better than the paintings.  The best paintings are on the fifth (highest) floor, so we went straight for the top as we arrived.  Floors 3 and 4 have Art Nouveau furniture, including beautiful pieces by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Second floor has sculptures.  The first floor has more paintings and special exhibition which was also free.  There was also a giant sculpture of a polar bear which our boys loved.

Lastly, after having a great time at the museum, we went outside and walked around the banks of Seine.  The day was beautiful.  We loved it!