Jett’s diary, Day 4

Hi Daddy,

Today I had a long walk to the bridge over the freeway and back.  I’ve met an actual grassHOPPER!  It held on firmly to the leaves and would not come down to play.  I still had fun, pushing my stroller downhill many many times.  I also learned to walk on a narrow raised concrete and did a good job walking.  Later, Maria came by and I told HOLA to her.  She wanted to know why I am not wearing shoes and mom told her it’s because I don’t want to.

I’ve had a long bubble bath and played with BUBBLES.  Then I had a good nap with mom.   I realized today that I prefer NOT to wear any clothes.  EVER.  It feels better. And the sun is shining all day.  I watered the plants in the yard without any top.  It was nice.

We just had dinner and I carried my own plate to the table.  I’ve tried asparagus and chicken.  But I liked rice most of all.  Grandma was watching us on Skype and was impressed with my eating skills.

My brother was a bad boy, on the other hand. He didn’t do his homework.  Didn’t wash the dishes.  And didn’t take a shower.  He’s doing the dishes now and mom is mad.  I would like to wash the dishes.  But they won’t let me.

I’m getting sleepy.  Love you.