Jett’s diary, Day 3


Today was a great day.  I had a lot of fun going shopping with mommy: we went to Spar and to that nice guy who gave me a banana.  We got strawberries and mandarines.  I then ran around the town – there were big trucks everywhere.  The construction guys think I’m amazing and they show me the tricks on their machines.  That was great!  Other people in town asked me where I was going.  Some even played with me trying to chase me.  I am usually shy but today I played and laughed and ran all over.

We’ve met a white PUPPY who was so happy he peed a little.  The dog who usually wears a sweater was naked today.  Grumpy old man told me not to touch it.  At least I’ve met some babies while shopping and their mommies let me touch them!

I didn’t want to go to sleep this afternoon and kept watching PEPPA PIG on my iPad.  Finally I fell asleep very late.  When I woke up, mom was talking to grandpa and grandma.

When I spoke with you, you mentioned bubbles.  Great idea!   I  played with the bubbles for a long time.  I even asked Phillipe to bring SHEEP and DONKEY to me which he did. I then tried to swim on my belly and even taste the BUBBLES.  Mom was brushing her hair at the mirror.  When she told me to not drink the BUBBLES, I told her to go back to her HAIR.  (!!!)

Another interesting thing today was that I agreed to put on my pants in exchange for watching a dinosaur cartoon.  Usually I refuse to negotiate.  But I tried it today.  Right now I am wearing pants and watching PEPPA.

I also tried some new food – a hamburger – and liked it.  I’m getting tired of eating the strawberries and bread (with honey).  What else?

I sang the song about monkey jumping on the bed except it was about JETT jumping on the CHAIR.   I played with the cards that have animals and birds.  I tried to learn the words CACTUS and CLOWN but I don’t get them!  I think the fat chicken looks a lot like a PENGUIN and peas look like (green) BUBBLES.  Mom thinks it’s cute and she doesn’t correct me.