Russia v. Ukraine

With half of my friends living or being from either Russia or Ukraine, I am in the middle of a firestorm related to the recent events in Kiev and Crimea.  I always try to avoid the politics and reserve my judgment, since there are so many unknown factors there that one may never know the complete and accurate picture.  I can only see the consequences: the animosity, the anxiety, and the potential for a full-scale military action.  Right now I am doing my best to tune out the media circus and hysteria surrounding the conflict: it’s heart=breaking and there is nothing that we can do about it.

What is remarkable is how many amazing and exploration-worthy places in the world are unstable now: Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Thailand.  They are probably not as unstable as they appear in the media, but with a two-year old on board, we just cannot take a chance.  I wish the world to become more stable and peaceful.  Until it does, we have to shut it out and concentrate on being happy in this beautiful little town surrounded by the rolling green hills, in our happy yellow house with our friendly neighbors.  To hear the pitter-patter of our baby’s little feet in the morning, to eat delicious warm bread, to enjoy the sunshine and the small dogs wearing sweaters.