CLOTHES part deux

mmm… It just occurred to me that I absolutely love my Forever 21 sweater with Union Jack – it’s sooo soft and looks so adorable. Maybe I will get more clothes from them?  99% of stuff I got from them is junk but a few casual pieces seem to last forever (ha! forever!) and look pretty good.

Speaking of which, I should shop my own closet – I would love to keep my:

  • silk maxi dress from Banana Republic (although it may have to be altered to allow for more boobage). it’s so light, looks gorgeous, and doesn’t require dry cleaning.
  • charcoal Theory suit. I will probably not get to wear it over there, but how can I throw it away? It’s Theory! And it fits me to a T.
  • BCBG cashmere dresses red and grey. Yes, they’re getting old and funky.  But I love them so… If I saw them new, I would buy them again in a heartbeat. Especially the grey one.  It makes me look so soft and posh.
  • Stuart Weitzman wrap-around the ankle shoes.  They’re heavy and not suitable for running around the world.  But I LOVE them! Aniston has them and loves them too.
  • Ugg booties.  Same as above.
  • Boutique 9 black stilettos.  These go with everything. And are just so beautiful.
  • Tiny jeans shorts.  (Aeropostale circa 2000?) Just because my tush still fits in them.
  • Light blue jeans. They’re a little big and very comfy.
  • my tennis shoes – they’re so comfortable that I will probably end up wearing just them.
  • workout clothes so I can keep James company in various gyms
  • cashmere coat jacket I got at Neiman Marcus discount store. I don’t love it.  But when I got it I justified the price by saying I will wear it forever.
  • my hot pink dress – because i love the color and I barely wore it due to pregnancy.
  • my tight dark blue floral cotton dress – it makes my body looks 300% better than it actually is.

Based on this list, all I need to buy are just a pair of sandals and a few cotton T-shirts.

I think it’s safe to say that I will not have any room in my bag for any more clothes.  Perhaps, I can hoard some space in my sons’ bags? I mean, they’re boys, how much clothes do they need?