Last night at a late-night dinner in the bistro, James and I were discussing what to wear when in Europe. I have to come up with a practical wardrobe for our entire family of six consisting of clothes:

comfortable for travel
durable and easy to wash/ dry on the go
warm but not too warm
can be layered and matched with each other
stylish in a European sense, acceptable in Paris, Istanbul, and Rome
timeless and look good in photos so we don’t cringe by looking at them years later
compact and light (up to 30 lbs per person) to avoid surcharges on discount airlines like Ryan Air
with footwear that is comfortable, light, and versatile
not too pricey – $2k total budget, $1k is even better.

I started poking around for some ideas and discounted clothes. What a great excuse for me to buy some cashmere dresses! Although they may have to be blended with cotton because of easy to wash factor.

I also just registered on Polyvore – to start compiling the ideas. I have a Pinterest Board “Fly Style” but it’s more beautiful than realistic.

Those of you who know me well, are familiar with my cashmere obsession. It is a perfect material for me since it’s warm, light, and beautiful. So if I could – I would go all cashmere for everything!

In terms of colors, I was thinking cream, navy, light blue, and grey. No patterns or appliques, just simple clean lines, a-la Jen Aniston or her rival Jolie. Those two travel a lot and always look awesome.

That’s the intent, anyway. In reality, we will probably end up looking like random wagabonds in stained, wrinkled clothes, and sports shoes screaming: I am an American Tourist!