Tomorrow we must go to the post office to get passports for children. Due to the kidnappings problems the new regulations require that both parents of a child apply for his or her passport in person. You can find the form DS-11 on US passport agency’s website and pre-fill it. You must also bring the supporting documents proving your relationship to the child and your identity. The parent who has a sole custody of a child can must present the court order granting the sole custody. You can apply for a passport in most of the post offices which is very convenient because they can also take photos and accept the applications.

Generally it takes six to eight weeks to obtain your passport. The emergency applications are available depending on the circumstances. While our trip is nearly six months away, we checked every family member’s passport to ensure that they will remain in force throughout the duration of our trip.

I also love applying for baby passports. Once when Phillipe was 2, he got his passport with his baby picture and a visa to this Uzbekistan stating that he was not authorized for employment. What a bummer.