Tabata – exercising without gym and equipment

As most of you know, I have a gorgeous husband.  It takes a lot of work to look this good.  Actually, not a lot.  Just 40 minutes a day.  Since we’ve been traveling so much, he gave up on finding an “acceptable” gym, i.e. the one that has large windows with beautiful views, new equipment, good customer service.  There aren’t many of those outside of the US.

So, he exercises relying on  Tabata – calisthenics exercises – modified and customized as need.  He chooses eight exercises and does each eight times for 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest.  He uses a free GymApp – to set the timer.  (For beginners, he recommends 20 seconds exercise by 20 seconds rest).  The key is to keep moving.

Here’s an example of the typical routine:

1) Jump rope

2) Dips

3) Hip squats, it has another … crass name…

4) 180’s jumping and turning

5) Punching

6) Sit ups

or… Leg lifts

7) Plank – Side

or with one leg lift

… Yoga rest and stretching

8) Push ups