Oh baby

One of the biggest benefits of this sabbatical is the immense joy we get from hanging out with our kids, especially our baby Jett.  He is one of those babies who is always adored and awwed upon.  So he has learned to make himself even cuter:

  • he dances vigorously, especially to Buena Vista Club
  • he smiles like a Royal or Cheshire Cat
  • he copies his daddy in everything, which is especially funny when they exercise
  • he is extremely shy with strangers and hides his face in my leg
  • he laughs in the most adorable way possible
  •  he adores animals and chases them on his round little feet
  • he kisses and hugs his toys, his reflection, and us.

Jett is not all peaches and cream, of course.  He is as stubborn and controlling as all of us.  But spending our time together while he is so little and changing so rapidly is truly priceless for me.