I’ve always wanted to go to Ikea and never lived within a driving distance of it until now.  So, couple of days ago we finally went.  What an experience it was!

The store is gigantic, multi-story building built like a maze where there is only one entrance and one exit and you must go throw the whole thing while tempted by endless rows of colorful couches, chairs, cushions, spoons, lamps, plants, and God knows what else.  Soon we will have to decorate our home back in the States but we don’t want to spend a fortune.  So, I’ve been eying Ikea and also Target and was thinking about buying most of our furniture and household items there, online.  But I needed to “try” them on first.

So, I took my task pretty seriously and while the boys where jumping up and down on the furniture and playing with balloons and things, I have been sitting on pre-researched couches and chairs, touching the tables, moving things around, etc.  My preliminary impression: NO to the pressed-wood furniture, YES to metal and wood tables and most household things, and MAYBE to couches.

James could not wait to get out of the store, though.  He hates the no-windows and mandatory no-escape route.  Phillipe loved it and I am on the fence.  Will definitely try some things and see how much it hurts to put them together!