how we spent last few weeks in paradise

It would be an understatement to say that we were busy last few weeks.   But we had a lot accomplished:

  • Finalized our itinerary and booked all housing and transportation through April 2014!
  • Rehomed our furniture and possessions:
    • donated baby stuff to the shelter for abused women and kids
    • donated most of the furniture to Salvation Army
    • gave some furniture and household items to friends
    • packed and stored sentimental things in our office
  • Found a tenant to assume our current lease (this one probably took the most effort!)
  • Made arrangements for help with some of the business and real estate stuff.

We’ll put all of these things to the test next month when we will be away but merely on the West Coast, visiting friends and easing into our new lifestyle.

Yesterday we slept on the floor in our bare and sparkling apartment.  It feels refreshingly scary.  We are also trying to do our favorite things here in Hawaii since we will likely miss many things about the islands that were our home for the last decade or two.  Incredible sunsets, delicious food, awesome people…