Five Guys v. In and Out Burger

In preparing for our sabbatical, we went to Vegas last week to wrap up some investment transactions.  While in Vegas, we were able to try the two famous hamburger joints that did not yet make their way to Hawaii.  We’ve never tried either and kept an open mind.

First we went to the Five Guys which was closer to our hotel in Summerlin.  The place was large but plain. Not much went into a decor except for a half-attempt at 50’s diner style.  The middle of the room was occupied by a pile of burlap bags with disgusting salty peanuts.  There were three employees who were chanting something about the burgers… But the burgers… They were amazing.  You could add any toppings for free so mine was heaping with jalapenos which were fresh and super hot, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes… The bun was perfect – not too firm or rubbery and not too soft and crumbly.  The fries were so delicious that I could not stop eating them.  For two of us, we paid around $25.

A few days later we tried the famous In-And-Out.  It was so well organized, it reminded me of McDonald’s.  I think it was even as cheap as McDonald’s too.  But not much tastier, unfortunately.  The fries were just OK.  The bun was just OK.  There was some shredded cabbage with a sloppy “special” sauce.  It wasn’t a bad taste, but it’s not even in the same league as the Five Guys.  But it was much cheaper – I think under $15 and that included a very delicious chocolate milkshake with REAL ice cream.  So yeah, Five Guys win this one.