Tuscany, here we come!

Today we booked a one-month stay in Tuscany, after our Ireland stay.  Last time we’ve been in Europe – seven years ago- Tuscany was by far our favorite place.  It was magical – peaceful, gorgeous, with nice people and delicious, freshest food.  So, as we are wrapping up our trip, we are starting to summarize our experiences and identifying our favorite parts and turns out that many things we loved the most are the ones which can be most easily found in Tuscany.  For example, the tasty pasta, cheeses, gelato, codines, salami, etc. and beautiful vegetables and fruits we enjoyed in Nice.  Or nice and friendly people of Sevilla and Bodrum or their rich cultural heritage.   Also, stunning countryside views that Spain offers.

On one hand, I am joking that living this kind of idyllic pastoral life full of happy smiles of our adorable kids, delicious meals, and beautiful sights can become monotonous.  I always value variety and was eyeing more edgy and faster Berlin and Amsterdam for the last leg of our adventure.  But James didn’t yet get enough of the country life so as a compromise we are doing a month in Tuscany (probably eating spaghetti for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).   Then we will try to move closer to Rome as I’ve always wanted to visit it.  The last month in Europe we will split between Belgium (hello, beer and chocolates) and Germany.

We’ve been looking at our photos from the last trip to Tuscany today.  It seems like it happened only recently.  Everything we experienced in Europe last time is surprisingly vivid in our memories still: the colors, the smell, the tastes.  Hopefully, the memories we are currently so intently making will hold up as well.  The photo is from that trip – Phillipe is goofing around on the famous Ponte Vecchio in Florence.  A happy boy full of pasta.