Thinking of home

We just bought our tickets home for November 2014.   Initially, we were going to take a cruise from Barcelona to Miami on Norwegian Epic, but after reading terrible reviews online, we decided to just stay a little longer in Italy and then fly directly home.  The funny thing about being so far away from home for so long is that you begin to appreciate it more.  US in particular makes for a great home nest, in my opinion.  Everything is so convenient, familiar, well-organized, and easily accessible.

That is not to say we are not enjoying Europe.  Yesterday we spend all day in town, walking around the old and oh-so-charming part of Sevilla.  When the baby fell asleep in the stroller, we were able to sit in this very popular and delicious cafe called La Chunga.  In true Spanish manner, we took our time eating, talking, watching people.  It was great.  Today, we took the boys to the campo – we walked around the fields that are blooming and full of bees, caterpillars, and swallows. Unbelievably idyllic scenery.  We will go back tomorrow and have some picnic.  Hopefully, we can even lay under the tree and read a little.

The house here has a number of good books.  I’ve read some and also some Murakami books that James brought from his last trip.  We need to step up our reading as we will leave all of our books behind here and also get rid of some of the old clothes.  When traveling with light baggage, we tend to wear the same clothes over and over and wash it frequently, so we need to update our wardrobes occasionally rather then hauling a large amount of clothes and paying all the related fees.  So take that, Ryanair!  We will be traveling light to our next destination, Dublin.