Life is too short

Recently, several people we know through friends and family died – within a span of just two weeks.  A young man, an old man, and a middle-aged man.  A woman was diagnosed with a terminal cancer.   It brings spending time with your family in a better focus.  If we knew that our time is very limited, we would spend it with our loved ones.  We wouldn’t worry about petty, inconsequential things.

It has been nearly a year since we embarked on this journey.  I will work on before and after pictures just to compare how we have changed.  But every day for the last 360 or so days, we have been happy and grateful to spend time together.  Is this incredible?

It’s easy to see why.  The sabbatical combined things, people, and activities we love the most: each other, travel, and learning.  With that strong core, anything else pales in comparison.

We are gearing up for the last leg of our trip – the remaining six months.  And while we look forward to returning to US and setting up our home, we already know we will miss this lifestyle.  We plan on doing it again in five years when our boys are older and we are richer!