Life in a slow lane

So, we’ve spent a little more than a week in Ireland.  We love it here and we live in a small village an hour out of Dublin.  I’ve e-mailed with my girlfriend back in Honolulu and she asked me if I miss work.  Hmm, I have not even thought of work at all.  Our daily routine is: wake up around 8 or 9, eat our porridge and fruits, go for a walk in a countryside, study or play in a yard, eat lunch, etc.  It rained yesterday and in addition to cows, chickens, and dogs, we’ve also seen lots of snails and one (dead) frog.

We went to a library today which is only open twice a week.  It’s very cute and surprisingly high-tech.  I’ve been reading some articles lately about quality of life and early retirement and I’m just not sure whether it’s for me but it does feel nice.  The kids are definitely thriving when mom is at home, no question about that.  And I don’t feel like I am getting dumber or more unkept… I think.  I am studying Spanish and interior decorating, reading magazines, watching movies and TED videos, doing other things related to investment and household.  Also, there are multiple small things we must figure out on daily basis: how to rent a car, how to improve internet connection, where to by contacts solution, where to buy Asian food, etc.

I am going to hang on this side of the fence for now.  Since I’ve spent nearly 15 years on the other side: studying and working all the time, neglecting my kid and myself.  We shall see what happens.