Jett’s diary, day 1

*Since our daddy is away on a business trip, Jett decided to write a diary about the mundane life of a baby in Southern Spain.

Hi, Daddy!

Today was a good day.  I woke up around nine, as usual.  Had some mom milk.  Grandma skyped and ended up watching me eating/ waking up.  She can watch me for hours, I swear… In fact, she did watch me as I went downstairs and helped mom make and then eat breakfast.  I went a little overboard with the cranberries in her oatmeal, but it was tasty anyway.  Grandma says she misses me and Phillipe.

After the breakfast we hung out near our house, waiting for a big truck.  It never came, but we’ve met a cool dog wearing a sweater and two small trucks.  I also found a group of people shoveling dirt.  Of course, I investigated the scene up close. When I ran later and fell, the people were a little concerned for me, but I was OK.  I’ve also seen a bunch of bees, two butterflies, and a caterpillar.  You have to BE CAREFUL of these bees!

We returned home to grab Phillipe who was studying and went to the store.  I helped mom shop by running very fast and placing different stuff in her cart.  Phillipe was trying to stop me for some reason and I cried like a Pterodactyl, in protest.  Mom seemed to be embarrassed (for him) and carried me out of the store.  We had lunch at home: chicken hotdogs and I had a little bit too,  but wasn’t too impressed.  Bro had seven (!) of those though.

After lunch mom and I went upstairs and I slept for two hours – it was very nice!  After I woke up, I didn’t even want to leave the bed and played for a little bit pretending that I was sleeping and then reading the books Blue Hat and about crazy pigs that mom kept calling H-I-P-P-O-S.  One pig looked like daddy – he wore a telephone on his head.  I also played with the W-I-P-E-S that had different pictures on them: BABY BOY, SHOES, and HOUSE.  Finally, I went downstairs, played with my brother and had some dinner (spaghetti): he ate most of mine and mom’s too.

I was a very good boy and helped mom hang up a laundry and water the plants everywhere.  We even picked up some KAKA outside the house and threw it away. Mom and I then took a bath and played with BUBBLES for a longest time.  I even washed myself with the small square soap that smells nice. Afterwards, I ran around naked a bit and now I am sitting on a couch between mom and Phillipe.  She’s typing on her laptop, he’s reading a book. I am experimenting by trying to watch iPad through the plastic glass.  Fascinating stuff.

Tomorrow I might run around outside a little more.  I was asking about you a few times – where are you? Mom said you were flying on the airplane.  So I looked in the window and watched some airplanes fly over.

OK, I’m going to watch a dinosaur cartoon now.  Bye, daddy.  I love you!