Ingredients of the best sabbatical homes

We are very happy here in our small Irish cottage, cows and all.  Based on our experience in different settings so far, the best homes for a sabbatical, have:

  • green surroundings, like campo near the house in Spain or lush emerald Irish fields;
  • terrace or a small yard for alfresco dining;
  • walkable area to explore nearby;
  • house where the owner clearly cares about it and makes an effort to maintain it;
  • reliable internet;
  • wonderful neighbors – our neighbors saved us and comforted us so many times!
  • dryer, dishwasher, good water pressure – none are necessary, but oh-so-nice;
  • responsive and caring landlord (landlady) – makes a huge difference;
  • farmer’s markets nearby;
  • easy access to international airport;
  • comfortable beds;
  • a nice view is also nice to remind you of where you are.

I’m sure there are others, but these ingredients are what made our experiences great so far…