Change of plans

So, we are returning to US a lot sooner than anticipated – at the end of next month.  A tenant renting our house was diagnosed with a terminal illness and moved out.  We bought another property which needs some work.  Life is calling us back.

Instead of going through Belgium (for chocolates and beer), Tuscany, and Germany, we are sticking to Paris for the last month and a half.  Afterwards, we will be returning home.  As a consolation, we scheduled a return trip to Europe next spring.  We just love it here and feel more at peace.

Ireland has been wonderful.  Beautiful.  Peaceful.  People are amazing.  Food is superb.  Every morning we come out on the porch and spread our paws under the gentle Irish sun.  There are cows looking at us on the horizon.  Paris will be quite a change!  We are staying near Bastille.

To be honest, we didn’t like Paris too much in the few days we’ve been there a year ago.  I mean, we were impressed by its beauty and sophistication.  But it seemed very touristy.  And forced.  I know this impression is wrong.  And we are returning there to find the real Paris, the one that is loved by so many people.  We are hopeful.