what’s NOT going to happen in Europe (may be)

As we are getting ready to leave the US, we are trying to be mindful to appreciate the good things about it and lessen our expectations of romantic life abroad.  After all, the US is our home and is the best country in the world.  For us.   Despite all its flaws.

Recently we got addicted to the Homeland on Showtime.   J’s little sister gave it to us as a Christmas gift.  Generally, we don’t watch TV except for (surprise!) theHouse Hunters International.  If you have not seen the Homeland, I highly recommend it: it’s exciting, well-acted, and satisfying.  In any event, we were watching one episode after another daily.  Until yesterday, we discovered that we were all out… Man, what’s going to happen to Brody?  Who’s going to stop the bad guys?!  Showtime website says: CALL YOUR CABLE PROVIDER TO ORDER

Since it was Tuesday, 9:30 p.m. at night, I guessed that the cable provider is probably not going to be available.  But I guessed wrong.  A few rings later, a nice young lady picked up the phone.  After chatting briefly, she informs us that we already have Showtime as part of our channel package.  Thatit’s free and it’s even in HD.  She patiently explained how to find it among our thousands of channels.  A few minutes later, we were happily watching Season 2 in high definition. That is so not going to happen in a small French/ Turkish/ Scottish village.  Am I right?! I hope I am