Letter from the school re: homeschooling

Hi Ms. L,

If you are thinking of home schooling P. for next school year, we would need you to complete the form 4140 to indicate that you will be taking on the responsibility of educating your child by home schooling him & we can give you a hard copy of the Hawaii Administrative Rules, Title 8 Department of Education, Subtitle 2 Education, Part 1 Public Schools, Chapter 12, Compulsory Attendance Exceptions (including home schooling). I believe it is available on the internet via the DOE website. There are procedures to follow, such as notification of the intent to home school and testing & progress reports of home-schooled children, etc. Please take a look at the information to better prepare as you plan your curriculum, instruction, assessments for Phillipe.

As for supports, I have a home school support group phone list, but it is a brief list. I believe there may also be a year long program available via a correspondence course, however, a student must be self-directed in his/her learning as the school (on the mainland) mails the work over to be completed by certain deadlines & there is no teacher to assist with instructing or answering questions. Other than this, the standards that need to be addressed by the curriculum you design for P. are also available by grade level online via the DOE website for you to view/print and use.

Below are some internet links (or the addresses) that can assist you in locating information re: home schooling & the hawaii administrative rules about it. If you go to the DOE website page & on the left hand side, scroll down until you see the “Google” and “search text” box. Make sure the doe.k12.hi.us box is marked, type in “home schooling” and then click “Go.” This will give you possible resources to use to locate more information or possible supports.

Here are a few of the sites:
Hawaii Administrative Rules
(re: Compulsory Attendance Exceptions)

DOE Page re: home schooling


Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact me or an administrator if you have further questions.

Happy New Year & thank you for your inquiry,