Highlights so far…

We have not left the US yet but our journey already had some awesome moments:

  1. watching Now You See Me in the small theatre in Berkeley and squealing with joy;
  2. boys making ugly cupcakes and decorating them with blue sprinkles;
  3. our friends visiting from Oregon and eating dinner with them in the backyard;
  4. mama raccoon and three babies crossing the road right in front of us;
  5. seeing a humming bird for the first time;
  6. my dad telling me that he had seen the most beautiful tiny bird with a long beak
  7. making a cobbler from blackberries straight from the bush!
  8. drinking creamy delicious Tunawerth milk… mmm…
  9. our baby saying things like: Uh Oh! Hi! and Three! – in a mechanical voice that sounds like Wall-E or Stitch;
  10. watching my 48-year old husband flying on the swings like a kid;
  11. looking at the gorgeous Larry Ellison’s art collection at the Asian Art Museum in SF;
  12. eating delicious peaches from the Olympia Farmer’s Market;
  13. wearing wolf ears from local festivities in Olympia;
  14. watching the grand annual parade in Olympia;
  15. discovering a magical forest near our house in Olympia;
  16. our oldest son creating his first computer animation on Scratch software created by MIT…

Looking forward to more adventures…